In a new diet report we cover the hcg diet drops. The report covers what hcg diet is, hcg diet drops reviews, we take a look at hcg side effects, and using hcg weight loss diet plans for quick results.

So what is HCG? HCG was discovered by Dr Simen about 60 years ago. HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin: its a hormone a woman’s body produces during pregnancy. What the hormone does is use up fat reserves and turns them into nutrients for the unborn baby. As soon as the baby is born the body stops producing this hormone.

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HCG Drops Reviews and Research.To really understand how HCG Diet Drops work for weight loss. Visit the link I posted above: Dr OZ HCG special report covers the science and practical use of this product. HCG Diet has been administer by Doctors across country and is highly regarded. People testimonials of significant weigh loss stories using the hcg diet can be found in large numbers.

HCG Diet Side Effects.HCG side effects are different depending if HCG Injections or HCG drops are used. For injections you should always consult a medical professional. As far as over the counter HCG Diet Drops go; no major side effects were reported and typically side effects are because of the low daily calorie intake (typically 500 to 1000 per day). Mild dizziness can be felt during the initial week of the diet plan.

HCG Weight Loss.When taking HCG for weigh loss; a low calorie diet plan is combined with daily HCG Diet Drops use. Taking HCG drops for weight loss typically lasts from 15 to 60 days. When following this plan correctly very fast weight loss can be achieved. Because hcg users train the body not to eat much during the diet. Its a good idea to take advantage of this training and continue a modified healthy diet to keep the weight down and not fall back into old eating habits.

Where to buy hcg drops?For anyone that decides to buy hcg drops: be aware this is hormone related diet and is made in a lab. Make sure the HCG Drops have proper concentration and the manufacturing facility follows all regulations and has top industry production standards.

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HCG is a protein hormone produced by the placenta that is immediately released after implantation of a fertilized egg and is required to sustain pregnancy. During the early weeks of pregnancy, HCG stimulates natural progesterone production by signaling the corpus luteum (the mass of cells that remains in the ovary after ovulation) to continue to release progesterone, which causes a woman to miss her menstrual period. Production of HCG increases steadily, doubling about every 48-72 hours, during the first 10 weeks of a healthy pregnancy.

HCG is often called the “pregnancy hormone” and sometimes HCG is used as a form of fertility treatment.

HCG is often called the “pregnancy hormone.” It is the hormone that the placenta secretes during pregnancy, and it is also the hormone that pregnancy tests use to determine if you are pregnant. Sometimes HCG is used as a form of fertility treatment. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

hCG injections

When you have a mature egg follicle in your ovary, an hCG injection can release that egg to mature and be released. hCG causes ovulation to happen within 36 hours of receiving the injection. This can be really helpful in fertility treatments. Sometimes the hCG injections are given on their own, or as a part of another form of fertility treatment like IUI or IVF. Using hCG along with other forms of fertility treatments can help your doctor better determine when your egg will be released and help them to time your sexual intercourse, egg retrieval, or artificial insemination better.

Most common side effects

Your doctor will be able to determine when there is already a mature egg follicle in your ovary through careful monitoring. You might receive ultrasounds, and you will be carefully monitored to determine when it is just the right time to receive your hCG injection. There are a few side effects that are sometimes related to taking hCG injections, but they are usually not severe. Some of these side effects include breast problems such as tenderness, pain, or swelling. You also might retain fluid and begin to gain a little weight. Depression, mood swings and irritability are also common side effects due to the hormone changes in your body when taking hCG injections. There is also a condition known as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome that is associated with hCG injections. Doctors say that somewhere around one fourth of all women who take hCG injections will develop some sort of OHS, although it usually goes away on its own in about a week or so. OHS can include symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and a general feeling of discomfort.

hCG shot and false positive results

Please remember to keep in mind that hCG is the “pregnancy hormone” and it is the hormone that shows up on all pregnancy tests. This means that if you take a pregnancy test before the hCG injection has had enough time to get out of your system, you can get a positive test result when you are not actually pregnant. You have to make sure to wait at least two weeks for all of the hCG hormone from the shot to get out of your body completely, or you will risk getting a false positive result that will only cause you pain and worry.



You might well be familiar with human chorionic gonadotropin hormone as a pregnancy glycoprotein but did you know that it is also used in weight loss efforts? For several years now, this hormone has been used in helping people quickly, safely, and effectively lose weight and if you are serious about taking better control over your weight, it is about time that you look into the HCG hormone diet and the different HCG products like HCG injections and drops. However, some people are confused as to whether to go with the injections or buy HCG drops. And the best thing to do is to learn more about both options.

In the past, people did not have much choice about which HCG product to use. This is because the only method to administer the hormone in the body several years back was through injections. And over the years, HCG injections have proved to be quite effective in helping lose weight – of course, along with certain diet and lifestyle changes. And the same goes for HCG drops – one can never really be too dependent on the HCG products to find success in their efforts. Success also involves putting in a good amount of discipline and commitment into the diet regime.

There are those who prefer to buy HCG drops because they do not want to feel the pain that comes with injections. Many people also find this as a very convenient alternative as there is no self-mixing involved. However, there are those who think that the homeopathic drops are less potent and would require people to take them in more frequently than administering HCG shots. Then again, the pain and the needle marks are not to be of worry with this option.

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Perhaps one of the biggest concerns that people have about whether to buy HCG drops or injections is the cost. Generally, the difference in cost would not be that much because the homeopathic drops need to be consumed more frequently than the HCG shots. The additional cost that comes with the additional quantity somehow covers the difference because using the shots need to be less frequent but would require syringes.

Just keep in mind that whether it is HCG injections or HCG drops, your efforts can be easily put to waste if you still continue to eat a lot of junk foods and do not allow yourself to have some form of exercise.