Return Policy

We guarantee that you will receive your products in a timely manner and undamaged, at their maximum potency.  If for some reason your products do not arrive or are damaged in the shipping process, simply contact us by email at and provide us your full name and order number.

We will need pictures of the damaged items emailed to us.  After an investigation is taken place to rule out negligence by the end customer, it is our policy that we will contact you immediately and arrange for replacement.  Without photos of damaged items, we will not be able to process replacements.

*FDA Disclaimer: As with any weight loss program, there are no guarantees for individual weight loss.  Information provided herein is based on historical research, studies, and results from the many thousands of former weight loss clients.  Individual success is dependent upon a variety of factors such as following the diet protocol.

For this reason, all sales are final and there are no money back guarantees.  We cannot accept returns — due to the concern of our citizens and dangers regarding supplement product tampering, we have chosen to err on the side of caution by not re-selling products that have been delivered to someone’s home/business.  Please be sure you’re ordering the right product and following the diet protocol.

Any CHARGEBACKS / DISPUTES to credit cards without communicating with us first will be treated as Credit Fraud.  All details, including original order form, Terms and Conditions, username, IP addresses and access logs bearing members IP addresses and or e-mail addresses, order numbers and all email communication will be forwarded to the issuing Credit Card Company (Fraud Division) and all Credit Reference Agencies which will probably result in a query into members credit card payment habits.  Please contact us first and we will resolve your issue immediately.

Thanks for your understanding!

– Weightloss Express