Step 3: HCG Injection Instructions

1. Pinch a layer of fat from your love handles and inject in the fatty tissue.  Do this once a day as soon as you get up in the morning before breakfast.  This area works well for no pain or sting because it is mostly fat tissue.

2. Avoid the lower abdomen – it is a little harder and more painful.

3. Do NOT inject SQ into the thigh, many people have seen knots in the area from this method.

4. Inject slowly – if you push the mixture in too quickly, the solution might come back out of the injection spot around the needle.  When all the liquid has gone, leave the needle in for a second or two, then take the syringe out.

5. Give the injection at a 90 degree angle if you can grasp 2 inches of skin between your thumb and first finger. If you can grasp only 1 inch of skin, give the injection at a 45 degree angle.

6. Try to stay at least one inch away from the belly button and rotate daily.  This is where the injection is most quickly absorbed.

7. Hold the syringe like a pencil and quickly jab it into the skin.

8. Rubbing the area a bit assists in faster absorption.

Here is a diagram:

Loading phase:

You DO need to take the HCG shots on loading days.  The loading works with the HCG to prep your body for the changes coming.  The HCG effect of burning your abnormal fat stores for fuel does not take effect in until the third dose, so eating 500 calories without this effect of HCG will prevent your body from of losing structural fat.

Again, make sure you take your first shot on your 1st loading day.  Example: if you are planning to load on Saturday and Sunday, your first shot will be taken on Saturday with a dose of 15 units (.15cc) on the syringe.  Follow the dosage schedule outlined.  Continue taking shots everyday until you have completed your diet or have reached your weight loss goals.  Make sure you are sticking to the dosage schedule.